Open Source @ Divshot

Open source runs deep at Divshot. We're building tools for developers by embracing the tools that developers already love. We wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Themestrap

    A lightweight, maintainable theme framework for Bootstrap 3. We've also built these themes:

  • Bootstrap 3 Upgrader

    A web-based utility to help you automatically upgrade your HTML from Bootstrap 2.3 to Bootstrap 3. Simply paste in your source code.

  • Geo for Bootstrap

    For anyone who thinks that all Bootstrap sites look alike, we offer conclusive proof to the contrary. You might need some band-aids for your eyes.

  • Divshot Alloy

    We love our CSS preprocessors, but it's so hard to choose. Alloy is our simple REST API for compiling all of them.

  • Buffered Undo Manager

    As simple as they come, this JavaScript library gives you a way to track arbitrary changes in an undoable stack with a buffer so you don't have too many levels.

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